The Secret to the Perfect Vacation

We all want the perfect vacation. Plan as we might, sometimes things don’t go the way we expect. Reservations are made, itineraries have been mapped out, time and dollars have been budgeted and paid… and then bam. I made the apartment reservation for our October Paris trip last NOVEMBER. Confirmed – paid – done. Or, so I thought. 

You Never Know

Then, with a little over 2 months to go and the apartment was no longer going to be available. WHAAAAAT??  Two months to go and I had to find:



  1. An apartment in Paris,
  2. For 6 women,
  3. In a safe area,
  4. For a reasonable rate,
  5. Quickly.

Our “new” apartment in Paris

Fortunately I found an apartment that ticked all the boxes reasonably well, but it wasn’t without a bit of stress and an additional $1,000. But, the point is it’s still over 2 months away from our trip and there’s already been a major hiccup.

Chances are, there will more hiccups. Whether it’s something on the itinerary (or not) that doesn’t appeal to someone, whether it’s the weather that throws a wrench into our plans, or maybe those crazy French decide to strike… we will have to go with the flow to make sure we have the perfect time we’re meant to have.

 Flexibility is the key.

I’m covering this topic now because of 2 articles I read this week. The first is about the Eiffel Tower being closed down on Wednesday, the 1st. The tower employees decided to go on strike to protest the “monstrous” lines. The strike was over and the tower reopened Friday, but if your tickets were for Wednesday evening or Thursday – you’re out of luck.

The 2nd article I saw was about the artists on Place du Tertre, an artist-filled (primarily painters and portraitists) square in the middle of Montmartre. These artists apply for (waiting list up to 10 years) and pay for their space (approx 3 square-feet). Some have been painting here for over 50 years. Evidently the cafés around the square continue to take up more and more of the sidewalk/street area pushing the artists further and further to the edge of the square – or, as one artist puts it, “into the gutter”.  If it continues, they say they will all “move to another square down the hill”.  Place du Tertre is one of the most visited squares in Paris and was a destination for visitors before the Eiffel Tower was around.

Be Prepared – But Be Flexible

After reading these two articles, I realized that both could easily occur – or something equally as disruptive – in October while we’re there. Thinking about situations like this isn’t a negative outlook or being a DebbieDowner. It’s important to anticipate, yet not expect things to come along. Stay flexible, be open and ok with last minute changes – especially those you have no control over – and any trip you have will be great.

Six of us lucky ladies are planning the best trip ever. And, we will have the best trip ever, even though it might not be the exact trip we planned.  How exciting is that!!!??

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