The HaT Stance

(Because we’re all about staying upright.)

One of the Divas wouldn’t be caught dead in stiletto heels; the other one probably wouldn’t wear them boarding Air Force One. It takes a model to navigate helicopter and plane steps in those things. But since it’s all about Heels and Tevas (or sports shoes), we thought we’d offer the HaT Stance:


1. Props to Melania for being graceful in 4+ inch stilettos.

2. Mrs. Trump did not wear the stilettos in Houston. We feel certain she did not intend to wear them in Houston. (She did not intend to wear the stilettos in Houston… did she? – Surely not…) 

3. Shaming is shaming, no matter your political leanings. We strive to aim high. 

Remember all the flap about Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dress? That was shaming, too. We’d like to think we are better than that.  

4. If you want to talk “Rally” versus meeting real people harmed by Harvey’s wrath, we’re all over it.​

5. …and that FLOTUS hat is just tacky.  PERIOD.

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