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#9 Move and Drink Lots of Water

I know I know I know – I need to exercise. Yes. Yes. Yes, Get off my back.

I know I know I know – I need to drink more water. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Do you feel like this? If you say “no”, you’re lying.

#8 Prune Your Environment

When you prune your trees and shrubs you make way for the new growth, which comes in more beautiful and stronger. Can the same be true for us? If you prune your environment, you’ll make room for yourself and new growth.

After moving into the new house last year, unpacking my clothing in my new, GORGEOUS closet, I couldn’t shake a feeling I had. It’s hard to put into words, but it felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. As I hung up dress after dress, business suit after suit, and put away more pairs of heels than would fit on the floor to ceiling shoe wall, I sat down in the middle of the closet and burst into tears.

Simple (but not easy) Ways to Simplify Your Life

If you want to simplify your life, there are several simple things you do. But… it won’t be easy.

Most of the time we’ll wait until January 1 and make a New Year’s resolution to make life changes. But, why? Isn’t our life as important on March 3 or October 18 as it is on January 1?

Instead of waiting until January 1 to make a New Year’s resolution, we’d like to suggest a few things you can do today that will help you simplify your life and feel more fulfilled; 10 simple  (but not necessarily easy) ways, to be exact. We’re all for being healthy, not only in body, but in mind, spirit – AND emotionally, as well. We figure if we work on simplifying and increasing our fulfillment in life, we’ll be taking care of the rest.

10 Ways to  Simplify Your Life and Be More Fulfilled

(#1 – Prioritize Your Passion 10 Min a Day)

(#2 – Unsubscribe  (Responsibly – not Heels and Tevas!)

(#3 – Minimize Options)

(#4 – Prioritize Alone Time and Just BE)

(#5 – Commit to Offline Times and Places)

(#6 – Eating Healthy – or, Banish the Bads)

(#7 – Practice Patience)

(#8 – Prune Your Environment)

(#9 – Move and Hydrate)

(#10 – Give Without Strings)