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Weight – It’s a Heavy Topic

Before I get started, let me say up front – it’s all relative. I get that some of you are a lot smaller, bigger, younger, older, etc., etc., etc., than I. This post is about me and my experience – which is probably not that dissimilar from something you may have faced a time or two – only with different statistics. Regardless of those statistics, it’s the emotions, the frustration and that feeling that is nothing short of HORROR, that I believe we have in common.  Weight loss – it’s a heavy topic. And so, with that…


Mars, Venus, and Sexy Underwear

Barb Here

I may not publish this post. (Because do you really need to read a post about communication between the sexes and pee-proof underwear? Isn’t that one bridge too far?

I know what will happen, though: I’ll write it, share it with Lynnelle and she’ll make me publish it. (She did. Lynnelle made me post this.)


It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

Barb Here

It’s not too late to change your life.

I believe that because I believe it’s not too late to change my life, and I’m working on that change. Every. Single. Day. So I believe this to be true for all of us: If you are healthy enough to undertake your chosen new path, then it’s not too late to change your life. There’s a caveat to this: Having never completed a marathon, I’m not embarking on one now; nor am I going to begin a career on stage or learn to sing. Some things are impossible but I believe anyone can change their life for the better, I believe that anyone can successfully turn their life—or some important part of their life—in a new and better direction.

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