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Capsule Wardrobe – Revisited

Back in September, last year, we wrote a post that was the beginning of my quest to simplify and downsize my closet. That quest resulted in 3 additional posts and, while I made good progress, I didn’t officially “get rid” of any clothing. Instead of actually donating or tossing anything at the time, I put the excess items off to the side pending … what… a change of heart, a change of weight, a reason to finally wear that sequined bustier… . WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE IT UP!?


My Head Start on 2018

Barb Here

My head start on 2018 was to begin my wellness practices in 2017 and this has proven to be brilliant! (I love being brilliant.) After quite a bit of reading and research, I’d decided that the best way for me to lose weight and get in shape was to change my eating habits for life. The most drastic change would be cutting out sugar.

Sugar in the Mornin’

Oh, Sugar, How I love Thee. Let me count the ways. I wasn’t a sneaky kid, except when it came to sugar but can remember pouring a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for a Saturday morning cartoon snack—if my mother was not in sight. No milk was involved, but I added at least 2 teaspoons of white sugar to the bowl filled to the brim with cloying chocolatey sweetness. My default comfort food is candy or chocolate with a bit of salt added. In Jr. High, I loved pink Canada mints in a bowl of potato chips. The words still appeal to me, but when I tried this treat during a moment of nostalgia in my 30’s it no longer satisfied.

The Art of Zen and the Garage Sale

Whoopee! We Sold Most of Our Stuff!  Garage sales can be Great Fun!

Barb here.

Lynnelle is the first and only shore-based Friend-for-Life I’ve met after moving aboard. When we met, EW and I had been living on La Luna for a few years so she missed the eight insanely busy weeks of fun and adventure between viewing the boat and selling the house. 


2 Things I Miss About Corporate Life

(And 20 I don’t…). 

Lynnelle here.  

Things I Miss About Corporate Life

#1 – Paycheck and Benefits:  

It’s easy to take the financial security for granted. Even if it’s not as much money or as good a benefit package as you need or want, the check comes every payday – BOOM. In the bank.   Need a prescription filled?  No problem. $10.  Twice a year dental visit; once a year mammogram – Done.   


No Children, No Problem

Lynnelle here.

Barb and I are in the minority on this one, but less so today than yesterday. Neither of us have birthed a child; we are childless, we are women without children, we are child-free. <Gasp>

There was a time when I, personally, felt it was something I had to explain when asked – “Do you have children?”  Early in my career, it was not an issue; there was always time. Then, as 40 approached and sailed by, my response of “no, it didn’t happen for me” hung in the air as if I had stopped in mid-sentence and crossed my eyes.  Everyone seemed to expect more of an explanation as to why I remained childless.


Ohhhhh, Rob!  (You’re never childless when you have a husband.)

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