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The Art of You, Your Story and What You Like

Our life is our story. Getting older, we’ve seen many years and (hopefully) learned a lot. On the good side, we learn what we like and don’t like. On the other hand, we learn what we like and don’t like. Many times, unfortunately, we give all our attention to what we know we like and avoid the rest. Your story can only be about what you know, so the more you experience, the more aware you are, the richer your story.


American History in Paris

Lynnelle here. History. It wasn’t my favorite class back in the day. Partly because my history classes were more an exercise of memorization than learning about life of another era. Also, I think my “arrogance of youth” prevented me from considering anything other than my generation could possibly have any relevance. Sad.

Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals

Barb Here

The Divas were aghast when Lynnelle discovered that Mardi Gras in the States originated in Mobile, not New Orleans. That’s the sum total of our actual knowledge and experience with Mardi Gras, but if you understand the synergy between Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals, we have a bit of street-cred.

Lutèce: Paris, before it was Paris

I love Paris. Yes, I love the culture, the art, the fashion; but I also love the history. How old is Paris? Evidence of human existence in Paris dates back 700,000 years. Yes. 7,000 centuries. It boggles the mind.

We Report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine

For some reason, I’m feeling like a reporter of the social pages in a Southern newspaper in the mid 20th Century. So, here we report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine—the goal of her recent road trip.

“Barbara Hart was delighted to have visitors this week when her dear friend Lynnelle arrived from Elgin, Texas—a small town near Austin. Wearing a stylish sweater poncho in black and grey, Lynnelle has thoroughly enjoyed her visit, combining pleasure with meetings for their new business, Heels and Tevas.

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