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Beaugency, France

A quick, 10-minute tour of Lynnelle’s apartment in Beaugency, France
and evidence that she needs to practice this video stuff (and get some sleep).

Realities of a Dream Vacation

Planning a dream vacation is so much fun! Looking at all the hotels, the tours, the restaurants, the museums; deciding what to do when; it’s a virtual trip just doing the research!  As much fun and important as it is planning your itinerary, it’s equally as important to be aware of realities you may find on your dream vacation. 


Art is Everywhere in Paris

The city of Paris is serious about keeping their city clean. In an effort to reduce litter and plastic use, you can find numerous water dispensers throughout the city; even sparkling water dispensers. They’re extremely popular and used regularly by locals and tourists alike. But, public water fountains aren’t a new thing in Paris. 

The Secret to the Perfect Vacation

We all want the perfect vacation. Plan as we might, sometimes things don’t go the way we expect. Reservations are made, itineraries have been mapped out, time and dollars have been budgeted and paid… and then bam. I made the apartment reservation for our October Paris trip last NOVEMBER. Confirmed – paid – done. Or, so I thought. 

Timing… and Culture is Everything

I don’t really like the saying “timing is everything”. It’s a passive outlook, forgoing any accountability in a result. It’s not the timing of “the thing” that matters, but the recognition of “the thing”.  For example I’m in Dallas visiting friends. On the way to meet them I stop at a coffee shop and order a double shot latte at the counter. Behind me in line is Wolfgang Puck.

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