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I Said “Yes!” to the Dress

Say “Yes!” to the Dress (Or Don’t Buy It)

I had an epiphany on a recent (desperate—well kind of desperate) shopping expedition. It could, I hope, make shopping fun again and help all of us with that “capsule wardrobe”. I said, “Yes!” to the dress.


Beachy-Flowy, Dresses for a Beach Wedding

Shopping for a bathing suit is NOT fun. That’s a given, so this post is not going to go over the horrors of dressing room mirrors, dressing room lighting or the dismal chore of trying to imagine what the suit will look like without your panties sticking out the bottom. Shopping for a trip to the beach is challenging even WITHOUT looking for a swimsuit. When the trip to the beach involves a wedding, dresses for a beach wedding are even more important than swimsuits. After all, you’ll probably be celebrating, dining, strolling along the beach, more than you’ll be frolicking in the surf.  

An Ode to My Tevas

Barb Here (Of course)

Why Tevas?

Seriously, when we set sail for parts south, I had to find a boat/outdoor/walking sandal that would work for our lifestyle, fit my foot, not mar the boat, and provide some support on easy to medium hikes. I went through two brands of boating sandals before discovering Tevas, and while there may be others that would work, I love my Tevas.


Capsule Wardrobe – Part 3

Wrapping up this project of frolicking through my wardrobe, I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Lynnelle here. 

This Capsule Wardrobe project has been eye-opening and I recognize now that it isn’t a “one-and-done” project.  Part 1, Part 2 and now, Part 3: the end of this series – but not of my continued quest for simplification.