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Why Is a Heroine a Heroine…Your Heroine?

Barb wrote a nice post …… about our heroines and everyone being someone’s heroine, which made me think of the definition of the word. A heroine doesn’t need a cape, nor does the word mean “a super-woman who saves your life and/or the universe”. While the aforementioned may be true in the movies, IRL, my favorite definition of “heroine” is: A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

How fabulous is THAT!?!


Beachy-Flowy, Dresses for a Beach Wedding

Shopping for a bathing suit is NOT fun. That’s a given, so this post is not going to go over the horrors of dressing room mirrors, dressing room lighting or the dismal chore of trying to imagine what the suit will look like without your panties sticking out the bottom. Shopping for a trip to the beach is challenging even WITHOUT looking for a swimsuit. When the trip to the beach involves a wedding, dresses for a beach wedding are even more important than swimsuits. After all, you’ll probably be celebrating, dining, strolling along the beach, more than you’ll be frolicking in the surf.  

We Report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine

For some reason, I’m feeling like a reporter of the social pages in a Southern newspaper in the mid 20th Century. So, here we report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine—the goal of her recent road trip.

“Barbara Hart was delighted to have visitors this week when her dear friend Lynnelle arrived from Elgin, Texas—a small town near Austin. Wearing a stylish sweater poncho in black and grey, Lynnelle has thoroughly enjoyed her visit, combining pleasure with meetings for their new business, Heels and Tevas.

Women (over 60) Just Want to Have Fun

Barb here. 

Lynnelle will be here soon!  

Lynnelle and her Sweetie and the littlest Pablo are coming to St. Augustine. My sweetie, AKA EW is excited (I think he misses Pablo) but he also loves Lynnelle like a brother and likes her sweetie as only a good brother can. (First with narrowed eyes and some reservations, but now with a firm handshake and ready smile.) 

Thanksgiving Traditions

“Traditions” change. Those rituals, meals, and celebrations that we swore were cast in stone are altered as our families grow or as our lives change. I used to think of Thanksgiving as one of those inviolable traditions, “If you want to see us on Thanksgiving you’ll have to come to our house.” For 14 years of our married life, Thanksgiving was at our home and all were welcome. It was our holiday.

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