Lutèce: Paris, before it was Paris

I love Paris. Yes, I love the culture, the art, the fashion; but I also love the history. How old is Paris? Evidence of human existence in Paris dates back 700,000 years. Yes. 7,000 centuries. It boggles the mind.

Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101, in which the Divas talk about the how and why of Podcasting.

Podcasts are like little (or big) radio shows online. In fact, some of my most loved NPR shows are available as podcasts. It actually boggles my own mind that I haven’t downloaded them for later enjoyment. I’m one of those people for whom 10:00 AM on Saturday or Sunday is sacrosanct because that’s when the local NPR station airs the current episode of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”.

A Sailor’s Guide to the Galaxy (of Makeup Application)

While Heels Diva Lynnelle may have makeup tips and techniques to share (a flick here – a tap, tap, tap, there), Teva Diva Barb shares the ultimate efficiency, minimalist, gitterdun-approach to makeup tools and application techniques that NOT-only a sailor could love.  Forget about fancy toners, contour kits, and microblading… Barb get’s real and down to basics. Watch as she shares the reality of the Teva-Diva’s makeup routine.

Age Delusions, I Recall

Barb here.

Recently my dear husband, affectionately known on social media as EW, mentioned meeting a gentleman he described as “elderly” with whom he discussed various boating issues. As he related the conversation, clues about this “elderly” man’s age emerged.

I smiled wickedly and asked, “How old do you think he was”?


Is Using Anti-Aging Products “False Advertising”?

A recent article on the website Sixty and Me talked about a point that Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, made. Evidently Mr. Wonderful excuses himself from the competition (He says, “I’m out”.) when a presenting entrepreneur’s product pitch promises a result he feels is, or results in a misrepresentation; especially if the promise is for a physical transformation. The example the post uses is an entrepreneur presenting his hair extension product. Mr. Wonderful said that a woman wearing the hair extensions would would be a deception; she would be misrepresenting herself. If this were a first date, for example, the unsuspecting suitor would believe his date’s hair was her own, which would be setting him up for disappointment on the third or forth date.