#6 Eating Healthy …or, Banish the Bads

Eating healthy – or just plain eating can be a difficult topic. It’s an emotional crutch for some, self-punishment for some, a reward for others.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve had a fairly good relationship with food throughout my life. That’s not to say I’ve not had my own struggles along life’s path, but for the most part I think I deal with food fairly normally.  That is, I love bread, fried chicken, chips, Baby Ruths, French fries, Red wine and vodka martinis. That’s normal, right?

#5 Commit to Offline Times & Places

Not only to simplify and increase your fulfillment, but surprisingly you can increase your productivity by going offline. Counter intuitive, right? But trust me. It’s tough to do; so much of our lives are now online. But it will be like a breath of fresh air…

Commit to Offline Times and Places

We LIVE online.  How did this happen?  No question; we women over 60 have seen the most dramatic innovations in human-kind. (Men over 60, too, but we women actually noticed.) 

#4 Prioritize Alone Time & Just BE

Productivity. Produce. We Americans are all about productivity, doing more, getting more done, multi-tasking, more return on equity (ROE for us business types), etc. etc. etc.  Get more done. Improve productivity! (You’ll get the George Clooney reference and the connection to productivity at the end. Got your attention, thought – right?)

#3 – Minimize Stress by Minimizing Options

You know how difficult it can be to order a meal when the restaurant menu has 10 pages of options? How about looking in your walk-in closet trying to decide what to wear among the packed and piled clothing?  What about looking in your fridge/pantry to decide what to make for dinner? Not-to-mention, walking up and down the cereal isle in the grocery store – 2oo++ different options; REALLY? Or, my favorite mind-bending experience – strolling the aisles in DSW trying to decide what pair of shoes to buy with your $50 Gift Card. Option Overwhelm!

#2 – Unsubscribe!

Not counting work, How many emails do you get a day? How many of you get so many that you’ve had to create a 2nd email address (or 3rd…) to start over?  As part of our 2018 focus of a more simplified and fulfilling life, unsubscribing to emails is #2 on our list. (#1 is here) 

After all the online shopping over the holidays and the “sign-up here for 10% off”offers, it’s probably even more overwhelming. Houzz, Ebates, HGTV, Bon Appetite, Betabrand, Grommet, Etsy, On-And-On-And-On… Heck, Ebates, alone, sends TWO emails a day. If anyone were to send me an important message via email, I may not find it for days.  

#1 – Prioritize Your Passion 10 Minutes a Day

How many things would you like to learn; either learn about or to learn how to do? For me, there are TONS of things – Painting, playing the piano, photography, speaking French, European art history, history of France and Paris, Stoic philosophy, quantum science, and spirituality, write a book… and on and on and on.

What about you? What are the things you “want to learn”? Sadly, most of us don’t make these things a priority and we rarely allocate time to learning new things if it isn’t required for a job or generating income.

There’s always something “more important” that needs to be done.