I Said “Yes!” to the Dress

Say “Yes!” to the Dress (Or Don’t Buy It)

I had an epiphany on a recent (desperate—well kind of desperate) shopping expedition. It could, I hope, make shopping fun again and help all of us with that “capsule wardrobe”. I said, “Yes!” to the dress.

Realities of a Dream Vacation

Planning a dream vacation is so much fun! Looking at all the hotels, the tours, the restaurants, the museums; deciding what to do when; it’s a virtual trip just doing the research!  As much fun and important as it is planning your itinerary, it’s equally as important to be aware of realities you may find on your dream vacation. 

Weight – It’s a Heavy Topic

Before I get started, let me say up front – it’s all relative. I get that some of you are a lot smaller, bigger, younger, older, etc., etc., etc., than I. This post is about me and my experience – which is probably not that dissimilar from something you may have faced a time or two – only with different statistics. Regardless of those statistics, it’s the emotions, the frustration and that feeling that is nothing short of HORROR, that I believe we have in common.  Weight loss – it’s a heavy topic. And so, with that…

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