De-Cluttering With Lent (40 Days)

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I live on a boat, why would I have to De-Clutter?

Back in 2002, we had a major de-clutter project when we sold our home and most of our stuff to move on the boat. I was so freaking smug. “Oh, getting rid of things was easy,” I said.

I lied.

Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals

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The Divas were aghast when Lynnelle discovered that Mardi Gras in the States originated in Mobile, not New Orleans. That’s the sum total of our actual knowledge and experience with Mardi Gras, but if you understand the synergy between Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals, we have a bit of street-cred.


Capsule Wardrobe – Revisited

Back in September, last year, we wrote a post that was the beginning of my quest to simplify and downsize my closet. That quest resulted in 3 additional posts and, while I made good progress, I didn’t officially “get rid” of any clothing. Instead of actually donating or tossing anything at the time, I put the excess items off to the side pending … what… a change of heart, a change of weight, a reason to finally wear that sequined bustier… . WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE IT UP!?

Curb Your Inner Snark. Or Not?

Should you curb your inner snark? Or Not?

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Urban Dictionary says that it’s a combination of “snide” and “remark”, and it may be. Merriam Webster says it was first used in 1999, and that may be when its modern usage first occurred. The word first appeared in a poem by Lewis Carroll, called The Hunting of the Snark. In that poem, the snark is described as creatures that “have feathers and bite.”  That is so delicious it made me tingle.

I love words and I have favorite words such as “plethora” and “snark”.

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