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Capsule Wardrobe – Revisited

Back in September, last year, we wrote a post that was the beginning of my quest to simplify and downsize my closet. That quest resulted in 3 additional posts and, while I made good progress, I didn’t officially “get rid” of any clothing. Instead of actually donating or tossing anything at the time, I put the excess items off to the side pending … what… a change of heart, a change of weight, a reason to finally wear that sequined bustier… . WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE IT UP!?

Lutèce: Paris, before it was Paris

I love Paris. Yes, I love the culture, the art, the fashion; but I also love the history. How old is Paris? Evidence of human existence in Paris dates back 700,000 years. Yes. 7,000 centuries. It boggles the mind.

A Sailor’s Guide to the Galaxy (of Makeup Application)

While Heels Diva Lynnelle may have makeup tips and techniques to share (a flick here – a tap, tap, tap, there), Teva Diva Barb shares the ultimate efficiency, minimalist, gitterdun-approach to makeup tools and application techniques that NOT-only a sailor could love.  Forget about fancy toners, contour kits, and microblading… Barb get’s real and down to basics. Watch as she shares the reality of the Teva-Diva’s makeup routine.

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