We have lived over 1 billion 892 million 160 thousand seconds and are now wading through our sixth decade. We know we’re not alone in walking through midlife into our senior years (cough, cough, cough) wondering, “are we really women over 60??” and…


“When do we start to FEEL old!?” 



No woman considers EVERYTHING gained through the passage of time to be positive. Here is where you can join us in conversations about ways we’re accepting those things we cannot change (and maybe bitching about it, a little) – and changing those things we can…   We know we’re not alone!  Please join us.


Recent Blog Posts

Prioritize You

Why is it that most us (women over 50) are so damn practical? It’s not really even practical I’m thinking, but utilitarian. If it doesn’t cook something, clean something, make something faster (or slower) or easier – we won’t spend the money on ourselves. We’ll spend the money on someone else, but not ourselves, unless it is “practical”. But guess what!! If you [...]


Following Your Dream

Are you really following your dream or just playing around? The Tevas Diva once again learns something important from her husband. Barb here. How Committed Are You to Following Your Dream? When EW and I set sail in 2010, heading down the US Coast to Florida, the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean and beyond, he said, "My dream isn't just to go sailing. It's to go sailing and mee [...]


Ageism and Self-prejudice

The blog, NexTribe had a recent blog post titled "Beginner Again: Finding My Next Career at Midlife".  Outplacement, Ageism, and Self-prejudice. One wouldn't think these three are necessarily related, but I suggest they are. [...]


You Are Someone’s Heroine

Some of us reach the vibrant, fun age of 60 and are exactly where we want to be. Most of us still have a bit of work to do. All of us are Someone's Heroine. [...]


UFOs—Unfortunate Clothing Option

EW and I have a secret phrase when we see someone wearing a wildly inappropriate outfit. I'll whisper, "UFO," and tilt my head to indicate direction; EW will usually say, "UFO—Unfortunate Clothing Option?" and look. Yes, it's judgemental and snarky. Yes, I am sometimes ashamed. And yes, I have also been guilty—often. So pot, meet kettle.  (Also, as the thumbnail shows, [...]


Is It Hoarding If It’s Good Stuff?

Why is it so hard to get rid of stuff? At least for some of us, it’s a physically painful task to ‘declutter’. Is it hoarding? Having had over 60 years to collect, you know there’s stuff that can go. [...]


Do You Need to Be Married Over 60?

We tend to look at things differently over 60; Health and healthcare, financial priorities, dress, makeup and hair styles...  Marriage is another one. If you're a single woman, do you feel the need to be married over 60? Sometimes we'll think, "yes"; sometimes, "hell, no". [...]


Media Spin and Streisand’s Cloned Samantha

Not sure if she's pleased or not. In her recent interview in Variety magazine, Barbra Streisand opened up, as she rarely does, about important issues facing all of us, especially women, today; glass ceilings, sexual harassment, #MeToo, gun control, the "boys club", etc. etc. However, the media spin of a brief, off-topic comment has taken off and overshadows everything else. [...]

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