We have lived over 1 billion 892 million 160 thousand seconds and are now wading through our sixth decade. We know we’re not alone in walking through midlife into our senior years (cough, cough, cough) wondering, “are we really women over 60??” and…


“When do we start to FEEL old!?” 



No woman considers EVERYTHING gained through the passage of time to be positive. Here is where you can join us in conversations about ways we’re accepting those things we cannot change (and maybe bitching about it, a little) – and changing those things we can…   We know we’re not alone!  Please join us.


Recent Blog Posts

Our Most Important Relationship

What is your closest relationship? You might say your spouse or partner. You might also say your friend from school or maybe even your child. But, if we’re honest– we might actually admit that our REAL ‘can’t live without’ person, our most important relationship is with… our hairstylist. [...]


De-Cluttering With Lent (40 Days)

Barb Here I live on a boat, why would I have to De-Clutter? Back in 2002, we had a major de-clutter project when we sold our home and most of our stuff to move on the boat. I was so freaking smug. “Oh, getting rid of things was easy,” I said. I lied. [...]


France vs South Korea for Gold Medal of Love

Well, of course the Valentine’s Day card originated in France!! Where else? Valentine's Day Card is Born Legend has it that the Valentine’s Day card tradition dates back to 1415 and is based on love letters/poems Charles, Duke of Orleans would send his wife,  Bonne of Armagnac, [...]


Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals

Barb Here The Divas were aghast when Lynnelle discovered that Mardi Gras in the States originated in Mobile, not New Orleans. That's the sum total of our actual knowledge and experience with Mardi Gras, but if you understand the synergy between Mardi Gras and Caribbean Carnivals, we have a bit of street-cred. [...]


Capsule Wardrobe – Revisited

Back in September, last year, we wrote a post that was the beginning of my quest to simplify and downsize my closet. That quest resulted in 3 additional posts and, while I made good progress, I didn’t officially “get rid” of any clothing. Instead of actually donating or tossing anything at the time, I put the excess items off to the side pending … what… a change of h [...]


Curb Your Inner Snark. Or Not?

Should you curb your inner snark? Or Not? Barb Here Urban Dictionary says that it’s a combination of “snide” and “remark”, and it may be. Merriam Webster says it was first used in 1999, and that may be when its modern usage first occurred. The word first appeared in a poem by Lewis Carroll, called The Hunting of the Snark. In that poem, the snark is described as cre [...]


Heels and Tevas – The Podcast

Yep, ladies - we're doing it. Get ready for a Podcast for women over 50, women over 60 and anyone who USED to think 60 was old. Who said old broads can't learn new technology!?! [...]


Lutèce: Paris, before it was Paris

I love Paris. Yes, I love the culture, the art, the fashion; but I also love the history. How old is Paris? Evidence of human existence in Paris dates back 700,000 years. Yes. 7,000 centuries. It boggles the mind. [...]

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