We have lived over 1 billion 892 million 160 thousand seconds and are now wading through our sixth decade. We know we’re not alone in walking through midlife into our senior years (cough, cough, cough) wondering, “Are we really women over 60?? When do we start to FEEL old??”

No woman considers EVERYTHING gained through the passage of time to be positive. Here is where you can join us in conversations about ways we’re accepting those things we cannot change (and maybe bitching about it, a little) – and changing those things we can…   We know we’re not alone!  Please join us.


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Art is Everywhere in Paris

The city of Paris is serious about keeping their city clean. In an effort to reduce litter and plastic use, you can find numerous water dispensers throughout the city; even sparkling water dispensers. They're extremely popular and used regularly by locals and tourists alike. But, public water fountains aren’t a new thing in Paris.  [...]


Working From Home and Stuck? Here’s a Fix: Take a Part-Time Job

More of us over 60 are working a new career, working from home, or have taken a part-time job. Can that part-time job help you achieve your goals? The right one may be just what the procrastinator ordered. [...]


The Secret to the Perfect Vacation

We all want the perfect vacation. Plan as we might, sometimes things don't go the way we expect. Reservations are made, itineraries have been mapped out, time and dollars have been budgeted and paid... and then bam. I made the apartment reservation for our October Paris trip last NOVEMBER. Confirmed - paid - done. Or, so I thought.  [...]


Timing… and Culture is Everything

I don't really like the saying "timing is everything". It's a passive outlook, forgoing any accountability in a result. It's not the timing of "the thing" that matters, but the recognition of "the thing".  For example I'm in Dallas visiting friends. On the way to meet them I stop at a coffee shop and order a double shot latte at the counter. Behind me in line is Wolfgang Puck [...]


Gardeners Rock

I am humbled. To all the gardeners out there, you rock. I’m not talking about the casual, “plant a daisy or two weekend gardeners”, although I’m sure you rock in other ways. I’m talking about those of you who take on the fight of reclaiming land from the wild, the eternal battle of beating back the poisonous, the invasive, and the just plain ugly. Damn. It’s tough. [...]


Who are you if you retire?

Last year I opted to quit work rather than continue jumping though wagon wheel hoops. I’m fortunate to be in the position that I don’t have to earn a ton of money to live. A year later, I’m realizing it’s a blessing – and a curse.  Who are you if you retire?   [...]


Great-Aunt Writes Blog About Use of Grandmother Headlines

I started reading this article about Amelia Earhart and the first club for female pilots and stopped at the first paragraph when it was mentioned that men who flew were simply pilots, and women were “girl pilots”. “IN 1929, TWO YEARS AFTER pilot licensing began in the United States, there were 9,098 men licensed to fly, and just 117 women. Women who flew were often cha [...]


Do Not Give Up On Your Future

Feeling like this is as good as it gets—and that's not good enough? Do not give up on your future. [...]

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