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Eyeshadow Makeup Tips -
Camouflage the sagging eyelids

Eyebrow Makeup Tips 

In the post "Curse of the Aging Eyebrows" we mention using "the flick", a technique for using an eyebrow pencil. Thinning eyebrows is just one joy of 'maturity'. In this video I try to share how I've learned to deal with it. 


The first video, in all it's 10 minute splendor and glory. HeelsAndTevas (HaT) launched 16 August on Facebook live. Yes, two 60-somethings managing to tackle technology, live - and record it for all to see.  It's not earth shattering, but will introduce us, the blog and explain the URL we chose.

And, if you want a good laugh, check out our practice video... 

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