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Fear-No; Respect-Yes: Simple Technology Tips for Those Over Sixty (or Under)

Lynnelle here:

(yeaaaaaa! I get to go first!)

Technology.  As if we didn’t have enough to deal with hurdling into <cough> our senior years.  

There was a time when one could go about life as usual and not give one hoot to the newest technology development. Today, unless you live in Westeros with The Mother of Dragons (or better yet, her nephew Jon Snow) you have to stay up with a lot of technology just to live day-to-day in normal life. 

Remember when we thought programming the clock on the DVD was hard? Now we have to program most everything to use it - phones, watches, thermostats - entire houses, even. There are really refrigerators that will text you your grocery list.  Writing this makes me want to go lie down.