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2 Things I Miss About Corporate Life

(And 20 I don't...). 

Lynnelle here.  

Things I Miss About Corporate Life

#1 - Paycheck and Benefits:  

It’s easy to take the financial security for granted. Even if it’s not as much money or as good a benefit package as you need or want, the check comes every payday – BOOM. In the bank.   Need a prescription filled?  No problem. $10.  Twice a year dental visit; once a year mammogram – Done.   


No Children, No Problem

Lynnelle here.

Barb and I are in the minority on this one, but less so today than yesterday. Neither of us have birthed a child; we are childless, we are women without children, we are child-free. <Gasp> 

There was a time when I, personally, felt it was something I had to explain when asked – “Do you have children?”  Early in my career, it was not an issue; there was always time. Then, as 40 approached and sailed by, my response of “no, it didn’t happen for me” hung in the air as if I had stopped in mid-sentence and crossed my eyes.  Everyone seemed to expect more of an explanation as to why I remained childless. 

The Affordable Healthcare Act is not Dead. Yet.

The GOP administration isn’t ‘keen’ on the Affordable Care Act (aka: ACA or aka: Obamacare) and has been trying to kill it and put something ‘better’ in place. This hasn't happened. Yet.

The Teva Diva is a participant in the ACA and has been making sure to keep tabs on the on again, off again changes. Unfortunately, the administration has reduced the marketing budget (Is 90% considered a reduction?? Or, perhaps inhalation is more appropriate.) for the ACA. Those who may be relying on the ACA today may not be aware of the renewal periods. 

A Visit to the Dermatologist

Be like the Teva Diva of Heels and Tevas—not like the Uber Driver. Watch those spots and get them early.

Barb here.

The other day I took an Uber ride out to my physician’s office. Charles (his real name) is an older gentleman, retired, married to a younger self-employed woman. (You find these things out when you talk with people. Lynnelle is always kind of amazed with how I engage pretty much everybody.)