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What’s a DEVA

Who Are We? Why Heels and Tevas? And What the Heck’s a Deva?

Barb Here

Lynnelle and I met a few years after EW and I had moved aboard the boat; just before her divorce. She is the only deep and lasting non-boating friend I’ve made since moving aboard. New land-dwellers we meet seem to find people who live aboard “interesting”, maybe “fun”, but mainly “different”.

But not Lynnelle! Evidently, in Texas if you want to talk to your girlfriend you put on your high-heeled boots and get yourself on over to her home—and it just doesn’t matter if your friend’s front “walk” is a 100-foot dock.


Our Sixties – THE Sixties

We're Barb & Lynnelle

...and we used to think 60 was old.

But not any more.

Friends as different as night and day (& Heels and Tevas), but as close as peanut butter and jelly (& red wine and chocolate)—we know we're not alone in walking through midlife into our senior☺ years (cough, cough, cough) wondering, "When do we start to FEEL like we're old?"