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Time Management VS Emotion Management

Nobody told me this retirement thing was so challenging!   

Lynnelle here.

In the corporate world, your time is not your own. Oh, you may have some semblance of control in your schedule, but unless you're the the CEO - not so much. Even CEOs likely can't control their calendars as much as you'd think.

How to Be a Neighbor Lady

I grew up in small towns in Maine, and my folks certainly taught me how to be a good neighbor but I didn’t learn how to be a Neighbor Lady until we purchased our home in South Portland. There, Laurel, our back fence neighbor, took me under her wing. I can’t remember when we started using the terms “Neighbor Lady” and “Neighbor Lady in Training” but I was at that point working from home and a bit more available.

This Is Your Life!

So many images come to mind with that sentence.

  • Of course the very old (nearly before our time) TV Show… “Susie-Lynn McGillicuddy… This is YOUR Life!”
  • A guidance counselor trying to get us to make a decision about a college
  • Something we try to remember when every cell in our body screams, “I want my real life back!”


What’s a DEVA

Barb Here:

Lynnelle and I met a few years after EW and I had moved aboard the boat; just before her divorce. She is the only deep and lasting non-boating friend I’ve made since moving aboard. New land-dwellers we meet seem to find people who live aboard “interesting”, maybe “fun”, but mainly “different”.

But not Lynnelle! Evidently, in Texas if you want to talk to your girlfriend you put on your high-heeled boots and get yourself on over to her home—and it just doesn’t matter if your friend’s front “walk” is a 100-foot dock.