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The Azores versus The City of Light

Barb is the Azores

And the top 5 reasons we love these places. 

Lynnelle is Paris

Barb here:

Writing about travel is a bit problematic for me as I need more help than I can give (hotels, flights, VRBO vs Air B&B)—unless we’re talking about sailing. Sure, I’ve flown and stayed in hotels (see the rant about bathroom mirrors) but most of our significant travel has been via sailboat. We only fly home and back, don’t rent any housing on shore, and eat out less frequently than hotel travelers. 

But I can tell you a whole heck of a lot about some of the places we’ve visited and the travel category I call “Adventure Travel for those Over 60”.  So far, my favorite destination of all time is the Azores—9 tiny islands 1000 miles west of Europe—a part of Portugal sort of like the USVI is part of the United States. In 2014 we visited 7 of the 9 islands. (Clearly we have to go back.)


What’s a DEVA

Who Are We? Why Heels and Tevas? And What the Heck’s a Deva?

Barb Here

Lynnelle and I met a few years after EW and I had moved aboard the boat; just before her divorce. She is the only deep and lasting non-boating friend I’ve made since moving aboard. New land-dwellers we meet seem to find people who live aboard “interesting”, maybe “fun”, but mainly “different”.

But not Lynnelle! Evidently, in Texas if you want to talk to your girlfriend you put on your high-heeled boots and get yourself on over to her home—and it just doesn’t matter if your friend’s front “walk” is a 100-foot dock.