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Capsule Wardrobe – Part 3

Wrapping up this project of frolicking through my wardrobe, I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Lynnelle here. 

This Capsule Wardrobe project has been eye-opening and I recognize now that it isn't a "one-and-done" project.  Part 1, Part 2 and now, Part 3: the end of this series - but not of my continued quest for simplification.


Capsule Wardrobe – Part One

Lynnelle here. 

Moving is a good impetus for decluttering your closet and fine tuning your wardrobe. So is gaining 10 pounds or retiring from the corporate world.  When you happen to have gained 10 pounds, moved your home AND retired from the corporate world – well, capsule wardrobe or not, your closet needs to be blown to hell and reconstructed.


Women Over 60 Shouldn’t

...or, Five Things Women Over 60 Shouldn’t Do 

1.   Wear high heels to look sexy and then shuffle along like a person of advanced years. 
Those hot shoes may look great when you’re standing still in “The Pose” but if you can’t walk down a city side walk at a close to normal pace and without your head down, watching every step, then leave them in the closet (or store). If you love high heels and can stride along confidently, then enjoy them to your heart’s content. The operative phrase here is “Stride along confidently”. You are strong, you are seasoned, you rock. Walk like it.

Bags, Totes, Purses, and Backpacks

Barb here. 

It’ll probably come as no surprise to learn that I hate to shop. So far we’ve discussed bras, make-up, my two pairs of shoes, and more. While I like to spend money (sometimes too much) I don’t like to shop. I shop one of two ways.

  • Panic because I have nothing to wear/use/carry stuff, so I go to the store and purchase something that’s too expensive or too cheap and just wrong.
  • Take for-flipping-ever to analyze, search on-line, compare prices and attributes and purchase something that’s too expensive or too cheap and just wrong.


The Pencil Test… or, Bras for Women over 60

Barb here:

Do you remember the original “Dear Abby”? That's where I learned of the “Pencil Test” pertaining to deciding whether or not to wear a bra. She said that if you could put a pencil under your braless boob and it stayed, you needed a bra. Recently, the best reference I could find online was in Urban Dictionary and had no mention of Dear Abby. I guess one sign of age is when your prior references are now just urban legends. Another sign is that it's more difficult to find good, reasonably priced bras for women over 60.  (Or at least this woman.)