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No Children, No Problem

Lynnelle here.

Barb and I are in the minority on this one, but less so today than yesterday. Neither of us have birthed a child; we are childless, we are women without children, we are child-free. <Gasp> 

There was a time when I, personally, felt it was something I had to explain when asked – “Do you have children?”  Early in my career, it was not an issue; there was always time. Then, as 40 approached and sailed by, my response of “no, it didn’t happen for me” hung in the air as if I had stopped in mid-sentence and crossed my eyes.  Everyone seemed to expect more of an explanation as to why I remained childless. 

One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

Early May I knew my corporate career needed to end and I gave notice. There was stress in making the decision to quit. Even though I knew it was right, there was grief ending a long and meaningful life chapter. On 1 August that door officially closed.

16 August Barb and I launched this wonderful blog and the door to my new career opened: Writer.

Sometimes we decide when a door will close, sometimes not. Sometimes we take action to open a new door, sometimes we are fortunate enough to recognize the door ajar and walk toward it.


Thank you for Caring

This post is brief and won't be shared outside this blog, because you're a special group.  We love Facebook and we love our Facebook friends and HaT page followers. But being part of the HaT Tribe, visiting here on the blog site and through the email updates connects us in a different, special way; at least it feels that way to me. I appreciate you all very much.


Transition Planning

In my post on Monday, I mentioned Karen and I are familiar with the signs of “transition”, having cared for my Dad during the last weeks of his life. Transition is the term used to describe the phase of life when one –well – transitions from this world, the world of the living, to the next world, the world of the spirit (or whatever that other world is according to your beliefs).  Depending on a number of factors, transition period can be an hour, a day, a week or longer. A doctor or nurse can consider a few factors and make an educated guess, but you never know how long.


Alzheimer’s Symptoms – The Fall

 Hello ladies, Lynnelle here. 

Our normal schedule is to post our witty, sometimes humorous, always truthful take on an aspect of our over-60 lives twice a week; Mondays and Thursdays. Today’s post was to have been talking about our wardrobes. On my side transitioning a full-time, professional wardrobe to a working-from-home-in-the-country-casual wardrobe. I’m all about simplifying and have been making an effort to “capsulate” my wardrobe. On Barb’s side, she lives on a 40-something foot sailboat. Full-time.  Nuff said about her wardrobe challenges.