Have Yourself a Happy Little Holiday

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I don’t miss Christmas Cards.  Yesterday I was in line in the Post Office, waiting patiently, and listening. One young woman was putting holiday stamps on a big pile of cards and gleefully exclaimed, “I only have 27 more to write tonight!” I do not miss that. We haven’t sent cards since 2010 when we left to go sailing. After that first year, I no longer missed receiving cards, either.

We Report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine

For some reason, I’m feeling like a reporter of the social pages in a Southern newspaper in the mid 20th Century. So, here we report on Lynnelle’s Visit to St. Augustine—the goal of her recent road trip.

“Barbara Hart was delighted to have visitors this week when her dear friend Lynnelle arrived from Elgin, Texas—a small town near Austin. Wearing a stylish sweater poncho in black and grey, Lynnelle has thoroughly enjoyed her visit, combining pleasure with meetings for their new business, Heels and Tevas.

What’s Your Road Trip Style?

Barb Here

I’m soloing today while Lynnelle is on her road trip.

Heels Diva Short Hop Adventure

Lynnelle never fails to impress me and this road trip plan is an excellent example. She, her sweetie, and the Littlest are traveling just over 1000 miles from Elgin, Texas to St. Augustine, Florida and taking five days to get here. She has planned adventure or family stops at every location along the way. I expect she will arrive refreshed and full of stories about NASA, swamps, and music. Her secret? She plans to drive for a maximum of only three and a half hours each day. I had suggested a detour from Tallahassee to St. Pete, she looked up the distance and declared, “No! That’s too far.” (It was four and a half hours, though, in fairness, a lot farther from there to St. Augustine.)

Road TRIP!

6 – 11 December, 2017 – Elgin, TX to St. Augustine, FL

(or BUST)

And we’re off.  The Heels Diva, aka: Lynnelle, her beau Kurt and the Littlest Pablo are making their way from Texas to Florida to connect with the Teva Diva and her honey, EW. Fun and adventure (and pictures and videos) will ensue; much to her beau’s chagrin.   We’re checking in from the road so stay tuned.

Time Flies!

Or, more of what I’m thinking … WHERE THE HELL DOES THE TIME GO!?

Do you ever NOT have a July-December where you don’t think this?  I wonder if our parents, or their parents felt the same – that time passed faster and faster as the years ticked by.

Why does this happen? The # of seconds in a minute doesn’t change. The earth still makes a trip around the sun in the same 365.256 days, of which each is still 24 hours long.  Why does it SEEM to go by so much faster? I have two thoughts for your consideration:

An Ode to My Tevas

Barb Here (Of course)

Why Tevas?

Seriously, when we set sail for parts south, I had to find a boat/outdoor/walking sandal that would work for our lifestyle, fit my foot, not mar the boat, and provide some support on easy to medium hikes. I went through two brands of boating sandals before discovering Tevas, and while there may be others that would work, I love my Tevas.