Anti-Aging Creams for (normal) Women (on a Budget)

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Goop” is what my dad called mom’s anti-aging products—usually just after he kissed her and got a taste of something that didn’t appeal to him. (Perhaps bacon flavored facial creams would have a market?)

My mom, was a well freckled red-head. (She would say “auburn”. I was known to say “carrot-colored” until I learned tact.) When she died in her seventies, her salt and pepper hair was salt and chili peppers, and her skin was flawless—soft, unlined, and beautiful.


Alzheimer’s Symptoms – I Wish I Knew Then

Soooo many things I wish I knew then, that I know now.  

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    Bailing someone out of debt will not solve their problem
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    Be sure to make life decisions for YOUR life; not the life someone else says you should have.
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    You will likely be parenting your parents

There aren’t many things I’d say I would do differently, because I really love my life. I’m a firm believer that every decision you make, good or bad, is critical to leading you to the place you are now. Still, of all the “I wish I knew then what I know now” moments, #3 above is the one for which I’d risk the present, to redo the past. 

Oh, You Posing Poser; or, how to look better in photos

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When did we start posing like runway models?


We used to bunch together, smile, and have someone snap our photo.

Now we line up, stomach in, chest out, and (if we are on the end of the row) with one arm on our hip, seemingly pushing said hip forward just a bit because…Why?

The other day a photo of a three year old in my family showed the same pose.

I am not amused.

Makeup Chat – Eyeshadow Illusion and the Melting Icecap

Aging Eyebrows and the Polar Icecaps  

(The video is below) 

Over time, many parts of our physical person begin to wrinkle and droop. Yes, there are procedures that some have opted for - botox, fillers, lasers, plumps and lifts. We (Barb & Lynnelle) have opted for the less invasive (and less expensive) attack on the effects of aging.  In this post we're talking about the eyelids. Women over 60, or even earlier for most of us, begin to see less space between our eyebrows and lash line. (this is NOT the case for those who have undergone the knife, where the opposite is more likely to be true)  In addition to less distance, the eyelid itself is slowly disappearing. Sort of like the icecap at the North Pole, at first you don't notice it but, one day you wake up and... it's half gone and going f.a.s.t.  

Enough Time – You Never Know

Nick John

Time. We’d like to think we have enough. 

My colleague, Nick John, like every other weekday morning, caught the subway for downtown. But that Tuesday morning, instead of heading to the Chase Tower and his office, he walked down Fulton to his breakfast meeting on the 108th floor of Tower 1. Nick didn’t have enough time.

But, he didn’t know it.

A couple of Sundays ago, Sargent Steve Perez got in his car at 4am to drive to work downtown Houston. Sargent Perez didn’t have enough time, either. 

Anti-Aging Products and Jason Masks

Anti-Aging Products for Women Over Sixty

...or, we should say, Anti-Aging Gimmicks...

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My Friend for Life, Cathy, and I were walking down the street, chatting mostly, but looking into the shops, too. The men were wandering ahead of us, intent on finding FOOD (that is best uttered fiercely while smashing one’s fist into one’s chest. They were hungry.) Cathy was distracted by (it must be said) an attractive younger man offering free soap. After an encounter in Key West, I have learned to avoid these offers (there are two such stores on St. George Street in St. Augustine). Cathy was lured into the shop to “check out the soap” while I whispered, “This stuff is really expensive.”

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