Is Using Anti-Aging Products “False Advertising”?

A recent article on the website Sixty and Me talked about a point that Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, made. Evidently Mr. Wonderful excuses himself from the competition (He says, “I’m out”.) when a presenting entrepreneur’s product pitch promises a result he feels is, or results in a misrepresentation; especially if the promise is for a physical transformation. The example the post uses is an entrepreneur presenting his hair extension product. Mr. Wonderful said that a woman wearing the hair extensions would would be a deception; she would be misrepresenting herself. If this were a first date, for example, the unsuspecting suitor would believe his date’s hair was her own, which would be setting him up for disappointment on the third or forth date.

Another product mentioned is a Spanx-like article, Hold Your Haunches. It uses compression fabric that the inventor claimed would “lift and firms the buttocks”. O’Leary backed out, according to the Sixty and Me author, because he felt that wearing these would be “false advertising”.

Where does it end?

There are a million directions we can take the discussion from here and our diva minds are racing a mile a minute. After we move beyond our initial “Are you effing kidding me with this?!?”, we have a few other questions.

You know you've gottenreally fat when you'reexcited about finallyfitting back into yourgirdle.

So squeezing our over-60 diva bodies into something that looks too small for a 5 year old in order to hide our back-boobs, is deception? OMG

If you’re a woman over 60 – chances are you’re a deceiver!

The divas confess right here and now, we are master deceivers.


Is coloring our hair false advertising? Even if we weren’t trying to cover the gray; let’s say we had blond hair but wanted to be a redhead for a while. Would that ruffle Mr. Wonderful’s feathers?

We wonder about a push-up or padded bra, false eyelashes, contouring makeup, acrylic nails, or nail polish. Who ever saw a red fingernail in nature – at least one that hadn’t been closed in a door or hit by a hammer recently?

Perhaps it’s the fact that the wearer of the Spanx, hair extension or padded bra didn’t disclose said article up front. We should ask the Shark, if the product would require the wearer to self-disclose, would he be more inclined to get involved?

There are many products in the world, without which the world would be better off. Taking a moral stance against one that may lift and firm your buttocks or that will make your hair look thicker and healthier, to us seems petty …no piggy. I’m wondering if this description was accurately relayed.  We’d love to hear from Mr. Wonderful that this is all a mistake. He did not say these things and does not feel this way. If anyone knows Kevin O’Leary, tell him Heels and Tevas divas would like to know.

Until then, what do you think?    Also – would permanent changes be included in his “false advertising” category?  Facelifts,  tattoos, boob jobs, etc…  If it’s permanent and isn’t able to be washed, peeled or kicked off – is it still deceptive?  Hmmmm.


Women Over 60 Still Have THOSE Kinda Days

Just because you’re a woman over 60 doesn’t mean you don’t still have THOSE days.

And, by THOSE days I mean any day you aren’t on your game. It doesn’t take a period to go off the rails. I’ve spent the last few days in a real weird zone; not a total funk, not really depressed – but more like a deer in headlights. Honesty, I’m still there. Perhaps it’s post-holiday-blues. A residual from losing Mom a few months ago? Or, just the normal back flow of the tsunami that 2017 was.

The Spy Online May Not Love You

Barb Here

Every Online Site Could Be a Spy

When we returned to the States in 2016, I was surprised to be overwhelmed by numerous technical issues. After all, we’d had a semi-smart phone that took SIM cards from various countries, an iPad, and a 2014 Dell Laptop—how out of date could I be? Yeah. Let me count the ways: real smartphones, the high cost of data plans, people who text all the flipping time, and every site seemed to Spy on us.  I was surprised when things I’d casually viewed on a shopping site popped up all over Facebook, and stunned when shopping sites required that I provide my email before browsing their online store.  We don’t give brick and mortar stores our ID when we browse and I suggest we don’t frequent overly inquisitive online sites, either—because the spy online may not love you. (Zulilly wants my email in order to even look at their merchandise. Not going to happen. I have followed Lynnelle’s suggestion and am getting rid of unwanted email blasts, not adding to them.)

Amazon, the Spy I tolerate

Amazon got my info years ago and probably knows more about me than I want to know. Like most, I was enticed by the books, eBooks, and Kindles. Stew’s iPad is registered to my account so that he can read the books I’ve purchased, and we signed up with Prime for the free shipping and the free Prime Videos.

Until I Don’t

The other day, as I was actually working on Facebook for Heels and Tevas and a client, I was at first surprised to see ads for a bright yellow tool show up again and again and again. I swear that there was a point where three photos of the dang thing were on the page view at the same time. We needed a laser thermometer for projects (not people) and EW had been searching for them on Amazon. He liked this one but hadn’t purchased it and Amazon WANTED ME TO KNOW THEY HAD IT AND THAT WE HADN’T ORDERED IT!

After conferring with EW, I ordered the damn thing and POOF ads gone.

Counter-espionage Measures


There are solutions for this issue.

  1. When I go to a new site that’s unfamiliar to me, I open an “Incognito” Tab. In Google, you just click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and choose “New Incognito Window”. (Careful! Make sure you are on a new tab, or you will close out whatever you were doing on the current tab.) Now, you can browse to your heart’s delight.
  2. You Apple people can do the same thing in Safari. Open the Safari menu and choose “Private Browsing”. You disable it to get back to your normal browsing.
  3. In Amazon, you can change your advertising preferences so that they don’t use your browsing history to bombard you with ads for things you looked up ‘for a friend”. USA Today had an article with directions, but either they missed a step or Amazon made it just a tiny bit more difficult. Here’s what I had to do to make those changes today.
  • Log into Amazon and click on your username in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Your Account”
  • Find the box titled “Email Alerts, Messages, and Ads
  • Click “Advertising Preferences”
  • Opt for “Do not personalize ads”

There you go. The next time you look up “Pee-proof Underwear” (for a friend), you will not have all those very interesting ads showing up in your timeline for weeks.

You are entirely welcome.




You are Freakin’ Awesome! Own it.

Barb Here

I am freakin’ awesome and a work in progress.

This is exactly what Lynnelle and I have been talking about! Seriously, I had big plans for ending 2017 and for starting 2018. Big plans that were derailed by weather, icky colds, poor planning, and lack of execution. This does not make 2018 a failure already. Like me, 2018 is a work in progress.

Traditional New Year’s resolutions can create huge expectations. Our future doesn’t care when we start to “get things right”—January 1, March 31, October 18 (or 1979, 1985, 2010) —none of it matters. What matters is that we flippin’ do it.

Bundled Up Barb


(Lynnelle butting in here… Barb is so polite. If you knew what she is living through as she types this  (living in the cabin of a sailboat with EW -normally a lovely thing – in the coldest weather St. Augustine has seen since Ponce de Leon landed on the shores – in wind gusts up to 50 mph – and no furnace – only a sailboat-type heater for the coolish St. Thomas kind-of-nights… Her laptop wouldn’t power up because it was too cold… aka: almost freezing… aka:  cold as shit, 40 degrees INSIDE their galley cold… and she has a cold – and EW is just getting over his BAD cold… basically – they’re in hell and it’s freezing over…)  you’d be AMAZED she’s not using the real “f” word all over this post.  Flipping’ just doesn’t have the same UMPH! as fuck. When you read through this piece, I encourage you to read “fucking” when you see “flippin'”. It is soooo much more appropriate given the circumstances. Sorry Barb.)

Barb Here… We need to write a post about the F-Bomb. I say it (much too frequently) but still don’t use it on social media. Lynnelle was surprised that I chose this meme. Oh, hell, Lynnelle was delighted I chose this meme.  And now back to our regularly scheduled post…

Flippin’ Do The Things that Make You Freakin’ Awesome

What matters is that we flippin’ DO the things we believe will help us to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. What matters is that we recognize those things, define what we need to change to make them happen, and begin the work required. Step by step. Every day. Creating new habits for the rest of our lives.

That’s it. Some folks will choose to focus on one item at a time; others will pick and choose from a list and tackle a few, and others will work on everything all at once. (Bless their hearts).  I’ve tried it all. This year, I’m going to work on a number of different things, but some will take a higher priority. First and foremost, I’m going to be kind to me. Sometimes, I will be kind by letting myself off the hook and sometimes I will be kind by kicking myself in the arse—the trick is to learn when to do one and when to do the other. I’ve often beat myself up for things that weren’t mine to own or (more often) didn’t matter, and let myself off the hook for things that matter a great deal. It’s time to woman up.

What Can You Do This Minute?

What can I do right this minute that will make today a better day than yesterday and that will help me live a fulfilled life? What do I need to let go? What habit do I need to change? What truth do I need to accept?

What can I do this day that will help me move forward in the areas that are truly important for me? In my case, health and financial well-being? For me, everything else will be the raspberry in the salad. (Not gravy on the mashed potatoes or the cherry on top of a sundae—for obvious reasons.)

It’s OK to accept that I may not have started 2018 exactly as I would have wished. But it’s not OK to allow any temporary setback/icky cold/bad weather/attitude challenge/fear of failure/or lack of planning to derail where I want to be in 2019. That meme may have touched a nerve today. But it will mean nothing to me 365 days from now.

I am Freakin’ Awesome. You are Freakin’ Awesome! Own it!

I have a vision of the woman I can be, and I deserve to be her. She is freakin’ awesome! She is worth it.

You are, too.


Slow Down and Take Stock

Every once in a while, it’s important to slow down and take stock.  If you’re on a long road-trip, periodically you stop for gas and check the clock, the map and confirm you’re still on the right route and timeline (or not. Yikes.) I just ended a full week of cooking and company. Every couple of days I had to stop and look in fridge, look at the calendar and the next meal plan and make sure I was on track with everything that needed to be purchased, sliced, diced, or defrosted.

The ending/beginning of the year is a natural “slow down and take stock” time.

As business owners, Barb and I are using this “slow down and take stock” time to look at our business, Heels and Tevas; the site, the blog, and the fabulous HaT community.


My Head Start on 2018

Barb Here

My head start on 2018 was to begin my wellness practices in 2017 and this has proven to be brilliant! (I love being brilliant.) After quite a bit of reading and research, I’d decided that the best way for me to lose weight and get in shape was to change my eating habits for life. The most drastic change would be cutting out sugar.

Sugar in the Mornin’

Oh, Sugar, How I love Thee. Let me count the ways. I wasn’t a sneaky kid, except when it came to sugar but can remember pouring a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for a Saturday morning cartoon snack—if my mother was not in sight. No milk was involved, but I added at least 2 teaspoons of white sugar to the bowl filled to the brim with cloying chocolatey sweetness. My default comfort food is candy or chocolate with a bit of salt added. In Jr. High, I loved pink Canada mints in a bowl of potato chips. The words still appeal to me, but when I tried this treat during a moment of nostalgia in my 30’s it no longer satisfied.

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