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Time Management VS Emotion Management

Nobody told me this retirement thing was so challenging!   

Lynnelle here.

In the corporate world, your time is not your own. Oh, you may have some semblance of control in your schedule, but unless you're the the CEO - not so much. Even CEOs likely can't control their calendars as much as you'd think.

Divas in Paris: Our Home

Our home in Paris is confirmed!  

First things first. From 15 to 19 October 2018 our home in Paris is in the 12th Arrondissement, near the Place de la Nation.  It's a 4 bedroom, 3 bath apartment with a beautiful private terrace.  The kitchen is small, but perfect for making coffee and heating a baguette in the morning - or an evening in testing a wonderful French onion soup recipe. 

The Affordable Healthcare Act is not Dead. Yet.

The GOP administration isn’t ‘keen’ on the Affordable Care Act (aka: ACA or aka: Obamacare) and has been trying to kill it and put something ‘better’ in place. This hasn't happened. Yet.

The Teva Diva is a participant in the ACA and has been making sure to keep tabs on the on again, off again changes. Unfortunately, the administration has reduced the marketing budget (Is 90% considered a reduction?? Or, perhaps inhalation is more appropriate.) for the ACA. Those who may be relying on the ACA today may not be aware of the renewal periods. 

One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

Early May I knew my corporate career needed to end and I gave notice. There was stress in making the decision to quit. Even though I knew it was right, there was grief ending a long and meaningful life chapter. On 1 August that door officially closed.

16 August Barb and I launched this wonderful blog and the door to my new career opened: Writer.

Sometimes we decide when a door will close, sometimes not. Sometimes we take action to open a new door, sometimes we are fortunate enough to recognize the door ajar and walk toward it.


Capsule Wardrobe – Part One

Lynnelle here. 

Moving is a good impetus for decluttering your closet and fine tuning your wardrobe. So is gaining 10 pounds or retiring from the corporate world.  When you happen to have gained 10 pounds, moved your home AND retired from the corporate world – well, capsule wardrobe or not, your closet needs to be blown to hell and reconstructed.


Divas in Paris: Art & History 1

Preparing for a trip to Paris is almost as wonderful as actually being there. I've created a web page to document my research and keep you all posted of the agenda possibilities. I hope you'll let me know if you're interested in visiting Paris with me and what you'd like to see and do while there. 

Until then, I've outlined the 3 areas of focus for our agenda: