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Glad you stopped by! If you missed it live, here - in all it's 10 minute splendor and glory - is the HeelsAndTevas (HaT) launch video we did on Facebook live. Yes, two 60-somethings managing to tackle technology, live - and record it for all to see.  It's not earth shattering, but will introduce us, the blog and explain the URL we chose.

You can also see it on our Facebook Page.  If you sign up to the HaT tribe in August, before the 1st of September, you'll be a founding member of HaT Tribe! We're not sure how, but we KNOW that's going to be special! No hat required - sense of humor is mandatory.)  Seriously. Join us now. Sign up on the form to the right. After August, Founder Tribe will be closed and you'll be relegated to normal. And, who the hell likes that.

We are a work in progress. Fun, vibrant, way cool women who used to think 60 was old, Hope you join us.

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