We have now lived over 1 billion 892 million 160 thousand seconds and are now wading through our sixth decade. We know we’re not alone in walking through midlife into our senior years (cough, cough, cough) wondering… 

“When do we start to FEEL old!?” 

No woman considers many things we “gain” through the passage of time to be positive. Here is where you can join us in conversations about ways we’re accepting those things we cannot change (and maybe bitching about it, a little) – and changing those things we can… (and then trying again when at first we don’t succeed… – and maybe  bitching about it, a little).

The first Heels and Tevas Get-Together; 12 December, 2017 (including honorary man-Diva, Jaye’s Dan.

​We’re Barb & Lynnelle.  We’re as different as night and day, or Heels and Tevas.  

  • We’re very good friends.
  • Both of us USED to think 60 was old.
  • Neither of us feel old.  

We know we’re not alone!

2018 is our year for a more simplified and fulfilling year. Please join us.


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Barb Here I am freakin' awesome and a work in progress. This is exactly what Lynnelle and I have been talking about! Seriously, I had big plans for ending 2017 and for starting 2018. Big plans that were derailed by weather, icky colds, poor planning, and lack of execution. This does not make 2018 a failure already. Like me, 2018 is a work in progress. Traditional New Year [...]


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Every once in a while, it’s important to slow down and take stock.  If you’re on a long road-trip, periodically you stop for gas and check the clock, the map and confirm you’re still on the right route and timeline (or not. Yikes.) I just ended a full week of cooking and company. Every couple of days I had to stop and look in fridge, look at the calendar and the next mea [...]


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